Can Win Happy work?

Fuzion team

It was a gorgeous summer Saturday in Cork and I was strolling around the city with Dee and my two kids.

Everyone was in great form and I knew I should have been but I was miserable and my head was bursting – work was killing me. I had been caught in the middle of a corporate crossfire for over two years between the joint owners and unfortunately this was a no win situation for me.

I was the General Manager and I could have had an easy life if I toed the line, kept my head down, settled for the status quo, played the politics and enjoyed the benefits. This wasn’t me ….I was miserable!

On that Saturday afternoon, 10 years ago I decided I was handing in my notice (handing back my new Saab and turning my back on a hefty salary) and it was the day Win Happy was born.

Win Happy

Fuzion teamThis has been my goal ever since – never again did I want to spend a minute feeling miserable about my work.

It is really important to me that happiness is at the heart of what I do every single day.

Happiness for me is working in a place that I love, doing work that I enjoy, with great people and for clients that I respect.


I guess in a way it is Utopian but why not have that as a goal?

I will be the first to admit that it isn’t always that way but mostly we get pretty close.


I do love what I do (except for some horrible admin work every now and then), we work for who we want (we don’t answer to any head office or anything like that, we can accept or even reject work if we choose) and we have carefully chosen a group of really good people to work with.

Every Friday we break bread together as part of a sacred lunch routine we have, which we call Fuzion Friday.

I believe that if you get all of that right you end up with an atmosphere that creates the perfect conditions for great work ..for winning.


Kerrie & DeeHappy is the first part of my philosophy. I am very driven and while I am not motivated by money I do want to be successful in our profession and this is where the satisfaction from Winning comes into it.

We work extremely hard and we keep ourselves up to date with trends and developments. We carefully choose talented people for our team and we make sure they understand the Fuzion way.

Together we work hard to get results for our clients even if this means us doing more than we are contracted for.

If a talented team, in a happy environment, work hard for clients then you should get lots of wins. Winning leads to more business – simple!

This philosophy has stood us well since the business started and in the 10 years that I have been with Fuzion we have continued to grow our business and our team, mostly with a smile.


Can it work? – Tell me what you think?

Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion

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7 Responses to “Can Win Happy work?”

  1. marycorbett Says:

    Brillant – Win Happy is the way to go – it is no wonder success has kept coming your way and may it continue for years to come. Clients will want to work with you as that happiness key is contagious

  2. siodhna Says:

    Now that’s advertising! I don’t think you are recruiting but when you are you will have them lining up in the streets after that piece Greg. Well done …. on the ethos and on the great work!

  3. Stand for something | Greg Canty Fuzion Blog Says:

    […] Partner of Fuzion Communications, Marketing & PR « Can Win Happy work? […]

  4. Barry Says:

    Like your philosophy !

  5. Molly Brauer (@MollyBrauer) Says:

    Dear Greg,

    It took balls to do what you did, and no twenty five year old can understand that. I recently asked a friend who’d had a heart attack, not how it changed his life, but how it changed his approach to work. He said, “I don’t work for *&^@! anymore!” describing a certain class of the human species. And I thought why not make that decision before I have an aneurysm? And I did.


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