The Bravery of Loris Karius

Loris Karius

Like all Liverpool FC fans I am devastated today after our team lost the Champions League Final to Real Madrid in the most bizarre match, which saw us lose our most dangerous player Mo Salah to injury due to a cynical challenge after 30 minutes, witness a blunder in a million and a then a goal in a million and then another blunder.

Our charismatic manager Jurgen Klopp said after that you need luck to win a final – he was right, we experienced the exact opposite and lost 3-1.

While a lot of the focus afterwards was on the Gareth Bale wonder goal there was just as much attention on the two “blunders” by the Liverpool goalkeeper Loris Karius.

As usual social media erupted and some of the nicer comments (on the negative side of the fence) were that he would never recover from such a display and would certainly never wear a Liverpool shirt again.

However, another story has been just as powerful as we watched the heartbreaking tragedy of a young man making the biggest mistakes of his professional career in front of the biggest possible audience – we watched him weeping on the ground.

For me the most striking part of this story was his bravery.

Instead of disappearing from the pitch into the nearest and darkest cupboard he walked to the Liverpool fans weeping and gesturing as he sought forgiveness.

He didn’t avoid interviews, he apologised to the fans.

He went onto Instagram today and apologised, knowing he would probably get a barrage of abuse:

I know I messed up with the two mistakes and I let you all down

I hope he gets over this huge setback and that he fulfils all of his potential and becomes a legend at our club.

In this age of money, little loyalty and an abundance of cynicism in sport we need real characters with bravery.

Loris – I’m looking forward to seeing you back in a Liverpool shirt.



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9 Responses to “The Bravery of Loris Karius”

  1. Fergal Bell Says:

    He does deserve credit for not hiding into the aftermath. It shows some character and appreciation for the disappointment of the fans. The errors were fairly shocking though and I don’t have much confidence he can iron these out of his game.

    • Greg Canty Says:

      Thanks for reading Fergal – You are probably right ! I;m still depressed over it! Hope you are keeping the best, Greg

      • Fergal Bell Says:

        I think the fire in the team went out after Salah went off (Ramos totally intended to injure him). It felt like Real were running the game at a canter for most of it. We didn’t seem to have many options. On the plus side, the rest of the defence did well, which has been a problem area for a while. It looks like we’ll have a stronger midfield next season and with a new keeper, we might do well in the Premier and Champions League. We might go one better next year 😉

      • Greg Canty Says:

        I guess replacing Salah with someone who has played 16 minutes in the last few months is never going to work. Even at his best Salah could never replace Salah! Maybe Solanke could have worked better but I;m sure Klopp knew best. Did you see we have a new Brazilian midfielder signed yesterday? Greg

      • Fergal Bell Says:

        It seemed to show up the lack of depth in the squad. We’re lucky we managed to get through so much of the season without many injuries to the attack.

        It would have made the final immense to see them on fire like they have been though.

        I did hear about Fabinho. He’s a defensive midfielder apparently and he seems to be there to replace Can, who’ll probably leave. He’s only 24 as well.
        We’ve got the new guy Keita coming as well. He’s meant to be quite decent.

        Roll on next season!

      • Greg Canty Says:

        it’s all positive – we did really well considering Coutinhno left – I thought his carry on was very unsettling from the beginning of the season.

      • Fergal Bell Says:

        Seems to be par for the course for some players. It’ funny how we didn’t seem to miss him in the end. Sign of how the club’s coming along (remembering after Luis left).

      • Greg Canty Says:

        We’ll be big challengers next year!

      • Fergal Bell Says:

        We’ll be there or thereabouts 🙂

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