Cashel Palace Hotel and the €15 Tea and Scone!

What are we seriously like when a printed receipt from a disgruntled customer makes the news in our national newspapers?!!

The outraged Ciara who was charged €45 and 10% gratuity for her and her two guests for their tea/coffee and scones, politely shared her receipt online and boom, outrage and national news.

Let’s pull back from this outrage for half a second and calm our “outrage” jets.

The Cashel Palace Hotel is a brand new five star hotel that has just opened after huge investment, the amount of money that most of us can only dream about. The owners had a vision and brought this fantastic property to life in the best possible way and part of this is delivering five star service to guests which does not come cheap.

This special property has most people talking in a very positive, admiring way and have no doubt it will bring business to the area, the type of clientele from Ireland and overseas who want special experiences.

If we want to sit and relax in a brand new five star property and enjoy five star linen service with the best of coffee and tea, fresh home made scones with jam, butter and cream, then this will come with a price that must cover all of that and yes, make a profit for the business!!

While €45 plus 10% gratuity (I do hate that automatic add on) is a lot of money but it is probably necessary to cover someone occupying a much in demand table for as much time as they choose.

Ciara won’t be back anytime soon but many will.

The Cashel Palace Hotel isn’t where any of us will go everyday for our scone and coffee and a chat but on that special occasion we will dress up, make it a very special occasion and enjoy the food and surroundings and pay that premium price, because sometimes you do get what you pay for.

While Starbucks will charge you the bones of €8 for the same, you know and I know that it isn’t the same because it’s not just about the scone!

So, maybe instead of outrage, let’s congratulate Adriaan Bartels, his team and the vision of the owners for being brave and creating such a special place for all of us to enjoy on those very special occasions.


Greg Canty 

Greg Canty is a Partner of Fuzion Communications who offer Marketing, PR, Graphic Design and Digital Marketing services from our offices in Dublin and Cork, Ireland

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7 Responses to “Cashel Palace Hotel and the €15 Tea and Scone!”

  1. John Callanan Says:

    Great Blog Post as per usual Greg 👍

    €45-00 is a lot of money on ” The Surface ” … However, you’re dead right … This goes way beyond the ” Cuppa and The Scones ” …

    There’s an experience to be enjoyed here in fine 5 Star Hotel that you simply CANNOT get in your local petrol station or local coffee shop …

    If someone is looking for low cost coffee and scones … I would recommend Aldi for scones and McDonald’s for a latte 🤣🥳✅

    Keep Up The Good Work Sir ☘️🌈

  2. juliemoyle Says:

    That’s very well said Greg and shines a light on many aspects that people forget.

  3. juliemoyle Says:

    Well said Greg. Good points that many people forget about.

  4. John Ryan Says:

    Sitting at a table eating a scone isn’t really a noteworthy experience for most people, so I can understand why it got so much attention. You’d have to wonder why the person went there at all though, what were they expecting in a brand new hotel. There is a eating and drinking mania in Ireland and there will be plenty of people who will be happy to pay that price for the “experience” of eating food. So good luck to the owners.

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