Motivating the boss!

Give your boss a hug!

Give your boss a hug!

I was working on employee contracts lately, which I really hate because you get into this formal, “what happens when things go wrong” world.

You suddenly go from the niceties of the interview and the informal job offer to the “legal contract“, which at the end of the day is a vital legal document protecting you and your staff members in the event of any issues arising.

I know it has to be written in a particular way but I really try and keep it as “real” as possible capturing the essence of the agreement and the spirit of the working arrangement and our organisation. Even with our very best efforts the contracts still carry some of those awful formal bits.

Before I put the latest offer in the post I have one last glance over it and I realise that I have left something out that is really vital to me, I have actually quite carelessly left it out of all the contracts I have ever issued.

Here goes with the missing clause – In the course of your duties you must motivate the boss!

I can’t ever recall seeing something like this in an employee contract and I’m sure it would be a difficult issue to review if there were ever an issue or dispute but I do think it would be a great thing to put in there.

Like most bosses today I am juggling a million things and so many different roles. I work really hard, I try to make sure our team are motivated and happy (despite tax increases reducing their income), I make sure that our working conditions are comfortable, I make sure we stay up to date on all the latest trends and technology, I make sure that we bring in enough business to pay the bills, I make sure that we collect on time (or as best as possible) from our clients, I make sure that we pay our bills, I make sure that we pay our taxes and most of all I make sure that we deliver the magic that makes all of this happens; satisfied clients – we make sure together that we consistently deliver great results for them.

I don’t expect a medal or anything for the really long hours, effort, endurance and 24/7 focus but at times this can be really stressful and quite exhausting, particularly now when the rewards can be as simple as just staying in business, which I do fully appreciate. While I am normally really upbeat and will gladly take on the role of motivating the others at times I do slump a little – it’s at these times that I really need one of my crew to spot the “dip” and say those few words, give me a motivational pep talk, take me for a coffee or whatever it takes.

Thankfully my crew are good at spotting the dip and aren’t shy at offering a “lift” at the right time – that is one of the most valuable things they could do for me. Probably more valuable that all the other stuff that is required of them – After all there is no jurisdiction or hierarchy over motivation.

How about putting that clause in the contracts? Not so crazy after all ..

Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion Communications.

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15 Responses to “Motivating the boss!”

  1. Emer Jameson Says:

    Totally agree! My natural disposition is to be full of energy and positivity however the tough days can be really tough and its lovely to get a boost!

  2. Gavan Russell Says:

    Interesting perspective Greg.

  3. Aoife Moroney Says:

    Hear hear! I’ve been the employee who knew when the boss needed a cuppa and an aul “chin up” but now that I’m the boss doing the million and one things needed to keep things going, all motivation is provided by self 🙂 Always figured that was part and parcel…

  4. Tina McAvoy Says:

    What a great piece to read. I can fully appreciate how difficult it can be to be the boss and stay motivated for everyone else in your business.

    As a self employed person I at times now more so than ever need constant reassurance and motivation and I rely on my family and friends for this.

    Keep up the great work!



  5. girlwhowinks Says:

    Great piece Greg. It’s nice to see such honesty and you know, it gives people an opportunity to ‘step up’ and show what they can do. Of course this means they may be showing you what they have learned from you also. Which is nice :). It’s important to remember that teams are not just about the majority but about the whole. Well done Greg.

  6. Fergal Bell Says:

    Nice post, Greg. Like Tina, I’m self-employed and sometimes you struggle to get feedback or a gee-up when you need it.

    You’re right – everyone needs a lift sometimes!

  7. Karyn Says:

    Very well said – as a team leader, a networker & business owner I can totally appreciate the need for such a vital condition to be acknowledged . I believe in our roles as team leaders / bosses / business owners we need to constantly coach and mentor this – encouraging all to be conscious of each other as the lady above stated that teams are not about the majority but about the whole….. The old adage is true together everyone achieves more (team )

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