“Sorry, there’s nothing I can do”

Time for change

"Ok - what can we do here to sort this out?"

Sorry there’s nothing I can do” – Revenue Official

Sorry there’s nothing I can do” – Bank Official

Sorry there’s nothing I can do” – NÀMA Official


Sorry there’s nothing I can do” – Mr Landlord

Sorry there’s nothing I can do” .. If we said that we would have no clients

We talk about flexibility, innovative solutions, making things happen, having a pro jobs agenda – some of us need to change our language.

What’s the problem? – Lets find a solution that’s best for everyone” – Mr Make It Happen

Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion

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8 Responses to ““Sorry, there’s nothing I can do””

  1. Orla Linehan Says:

    Hi Greg,

    We had the opposite response on Thursday and Friday last week. It was so refreshing!

    We were faced with what seemed like an insurmountable problem but we solved it with the help of positive and helpful people from the Revenue and Companies Registration Office.

    Isn’t it sad to be surprised when you come across helpful people?


    • Greg Canty Says:

      Hi Orla,

      I met the exact opposite, which inspired the blog. I must say I am relieved to hear if your experience – it is scary as it seems to be down to who you deal with and the range of responses you can get.

      Thanks for the post ,


  2. Trich Says:

    I believe everything is possible & if there is good will, there is a solution to everything. “Sorry there is nothing I can do” needs to be replaced with, “There is No Thing I cannot do” Because the latter is true. I believe people hide behind “Sorry there is nothing I can do”, it’s the lazy wo/man’s way out! 😉

  3. Ray Nolan Says:

    Is this what we Really believe. Ot just towing the party line of fatcatism

  4. Lorcan Kinsella (@Lorcankinsella) Says:

    Greg I think its time to consider #politics …….Seriously, you are hitting a lot of nails on a lot of heads!

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