Have a Positively Fabulous Easter!

Retail tips for Easter

Positivity? - Why Not !!

Budgets, bad weather, IMF bailouts, things are tough, sales are bad, wages are down, burn the bond holders, senior bond holders, junior bond holders, any bond holders – Oh my God, my head is bursting ! Enough is enough ..

In business all the marketers will tell you about the importance of having a Unique Selling Point, a USP. It is that element that is unique that makes your business special and makes you different to your competitors. In a busy marketplace that can be hard to achieve. In the current climate it can be even more difficult as everyone is afraid of mistakes so we end up playing it very safe, even boring at times.

Now go back to my first paragraph, read it again and then read further on and let’s discover a really simple way to make your business stand out this Easter.

Here goes..

This Easter draw a secret line around your business and make it a haven for all those who enter or deal with over the phone or on email – you are going to give them a gift, something that is quite unique, something that are not getting in most other places. When anyone crosses that secret line they are going to experience nothing but positivity – yep, that’s right simple positivity.

That’s all well and good but how do we do it? – Here is my 10 step plan!

1.       Yourself – You start! ( “Good morning, Greg”)

2.       Your Team – Tell them that negative talk is banned, you want them cheery and bright with customers – watch what happens (have a negative jar instead of a swear jar!)

3.       Bright – You want to see bright merchandise in the windows, bright visuals on your website, bright stock in the stock list, bright clothes on the staff. Buy flowers!

4.       Sales – Increase your sales targets. We all know it’s not easy but tell the team you are budgeting for an increase (let everyone else do the opposite, prepare for the negative it and it will definitely happen)

5.       How to? – Ok, while you are positive you are also realistic. You want positive plans from your team as to how the sales targets will be achieved

6.       Bonus – Promise bonuses for those who succeed, win/win if you make it

7.       What to do with that bonus? – Get everyone in the team to write on a piece of paper what they will do with their bonus (put their private responses in an envelope with their name on it – keep it for them)

8.       Drinks/dinner/chocolates/coffee – When the sales plans are done and the bonuses are decided on do something as a team. Bring chocolates or buns into work.

9.       Customers – treat them really nice, offer them coffee, offer them biscuits. Tell them about the secret line if you have to – they will think you are nuts but they will appreciate it

10.   The World – little enough that you can do about the other stuff, keep it outside the line!

Sorry I have one more tip – why stop at Easter?

Happy Easter!

Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion

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12 Responses to “Have a Positively Fabulous Easter!”

  1. Aodan Enright Says:

    Sounds good Greg! I think anyone who interacts with you and the Fuzion gang would feel that sense of positivity already. Your ideas there are certainly good news for florists and confectioners!

    Thought you might enjoy reading this piece from Tony Schwartz (one of the authors inspiring Smarter Eggs at the moment) on how you can develop ‘realistic optimism’. I know that some people will protest about this kind of thinking, calling it naive and Pollyanna-esque but I do believe it has some merit.


  2. Donncha Hughes Says:


    Great post. There is lots of good news out there. This week we won a nice tender to deliver a management development programme. If you are smart and work hard the results will be achieved. And a positive outlook is a great start.

    Going to post to our facebook page… https://www.facebook.com/BridgewaterManagement


  3. Frederique Murphy Says:

    Love the 10 tips, so refreshing to see another business talking about these!!! And, I agree, these are mindset shifts and tips and it is best to decide to change, shift and move forward past way Easter! Thanks for sharing Greg.

  4. Grainne Smith Says:

    Hi Greg,
    Some great ideas there to practise over the Easter Break and just incase you were to feel anything but positive after Easter remember you are into the ladies on the PINC programme in the Rubicon Centre on Tuesday to share your expertise on Social Media so get ready for some real enthusiam where the “R” word is not allowed except in terms of opportunity!


  5. Mairéad Says:

    Great tips Greg, it’s what I practice on a daily basis. One thing I say to people who come at me with a negative attitude is “let’s flip that over and see the positive side of all of this” it helps them to change their thinking even when they thought they couldn’t.

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