The Three Circles and the Path you Choose

Greg and Brendan Canty

Parental advice!

My son Brendan Canty has just qualified from CIT, having completed a multi media course. He wants to work in film in some way and he is also really passionate about music.

How unusual – a 22 year old being passionate about music!

Like every other parent you worry about what your children will do – you want them to find a job, earn a living and in this climate it has never been quite so tough.

You need to find a god solid job” I hear myself saying..

Well – he has set up his own website operating under the name Feel Good Lost and he has been busy producing videos for bands from all over the world – with the web and modern technology this is all quite easy, apparently!

His last music video was for a “secret” American solo artist who goes under the name Slow Magic and the track he produced was for a song called Corvette Cassette. There is a video producers peer website called Vimeo (this is like a worldwide YouTube for video and film producers), which has just featured this song as a staff pic – at the time of writing the video has been viewed 63,000 times across the world.

While Brendan does some excellent corporate video work for Fuzion and his own clients he excels when he combines his love of music and his film profession. On Friday nights he DJ’s in The Pavilion in Cork combining music and visuals as part of his unique set operating under the Feel Good Lost name.

Slow Magic // Corvette Cassette from Feel Good Lost on Vimeo.

He is following his dream and his passion and it had me thinking about career choices and Three Circles..

In Jim Collins fabulous business book Good to Great (for me this book is a business bible) he talks about companies using a Three Circle criteria as a guide to the activities they should get involved in:

A company should only engage in activities that:

  1. It is passionate about
  2. It can excel at
  3. It can make money from

The basic principle is that if companies concentrate their efforts on activities that meet all three of these criteria then they will inevitably be very successful – this is one of the factors that Jim Collins attributes to the success of what he calls “Great” companies.

If you are looking for a new job or a new challenge how about using the Three Circle Criteria for deciding which path you choose?

Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion

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14 Responses to “The Three Circles and the Path you Choose”

  1. Bob McCarthy Says:

    He comes from a good gene pool ! How come he avoided your hair ?
    Congrats to you both .

  2. irishminx Says:

    Brendan rocks and may I wish him the very best.
    Greg, you have a talent for linking things together.
    I suppose the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree 🙂

  3. Kathy O Dwyer Says:

    Hi Greg,,Is Brendan looking for an Internship??You should find your “real” dream job and be a writer … you have talent!!

  4. Bev Says:

    Loved the Blog. Simple but powerful. I am going to use this in my coaching. Thanks for sharing

  5. Says:

    Greg – Your description of Brendan reminds me of another young man, Ken McGuire of Kilkenny’s Devious Theatre Company. Fingers in passion pies 😉 Brendan should look him up – he’s an inspiration for seeing ‘what’ can be achieved in the media arena.

  6. Roger Overall Says:

    Hi Greg – a terrific post. One that shows us the power of combining our ambitions with our passions and skills. Add clever use of the possibilities afforded us by the internet and you have what could become something greater than a ‘good job’.

    Good luck Brendan

  7. shoppingworldirl Says:

    Hi Greg
    I have read your blog with great interest and it reiterates my point on that we can all learn from our children and the children of others, your son is following his own passions and making good on them, parents do not always follow and support their children\’s wishes but as an open minded man and expert in all that you do you have chose to support him in all that he does with his live,, that is to be commended and shows that in all things difficult you are to be trusted to provide a way forward, I know from your writings that you are proud of him and provide the support that can only excel him forward to his dreams,passion and future happiness which in turn will provide the support for others he interacts with in his chosen profession just as you and your partner have done for so many to date, Regards,, Maureen, PS, I have been a supporter and go between for youth for over 26 years and to see this kind of guidance from a parent only provides happiness to my soul, wish more parents could act as the guide rather than the dictators it would make things a lot easier for everyone

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