The “nice” Twitter Tip


What is the right thing to do when someone mentions you or your business/organisation in a complimentary, “nice” manner on Twitter?

Let’s take a simple example:

Well done to @FuzionPRIreland for helping us above and beyond with our product launch” … a nice tweet by a client (it does happen!) that makes us look good in front of their followers and anyone who might spot the tweet.

Take a second before answering and forget about Twitter and think about what you would do in the real world if this happened?

Would you ignore the person who complimented you? Nope!

Would you thank the person who gave you the compliment? Probably

Would you like as many people as possible to know that a client was happy to go “public” with their satisfaction about your service? Probably

Now let’s look at Twitter and the do’s and don’ts in this scenario and consider how the ‘tweeter’ feels in each case.

Don’t ..

Ignore the positive tweet – “I said something nice and Fuzion didn’t even acknowledge me. I’m sorry I tweeted them!


Retweet the positive tweet adding no comment – “Fuzion never acknowledged me but just retweeted the nice thing I said to make themselves look good

(From my experience this is what most people do)

Do …

Thank the person/organisation who tweeted Fuzion by replying to their tweet “thank you so much for the kind words, it’s great to work with great people” – this way you have acknowledged them publicly and now all your followers will see a tweet that had some positive element at its source


Retweet their tweet but this time add a comment that both acknowledges the tweeter but also shows you are not being self serving: “It’s great to work with special people” – this way everyone sees that you are nice but also they get to see the original ‘complimentary‘ tweet

There you go … That’s my “nice” twitter tip!

You can tweet me at @GregCantyFuzion and thank me and see what happens!!

Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion

Fuzion offer Social Media Consultancy and Training from our offices in Dublin and Cork, Ireland

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