Newspaper Therapy

Newspaper therapy

The newspaper came through the letter box as it does every Saturday morning compliments of a terrific service by Kelvin, the Burnely FC loving milkman (he must be thrilled with their promotion to the Premiership!).

This time I was determined to actually read it as so many Saturdays drift by and despite my best intentions I never actually take the time to sit down and enjoy it.

Why is it so difficult to read the paper these days? – my truth is that I am so busy (or so I tell myself) with all of my different bits and as a result I never actually get around to it.

The really sensible thing might be to save a few bob and cancel my weekly delivery service but I know how much pleasure I get from just the possibility of being able to enjoy the paper.

So..kettle on, rustle up some pancakes drizzled with maple syrup (One of the few things I am good at in the kitchen!), make a good cup of coffee (Lavazza seems to work best for me) and we are ready!!

Today I robbed a precious hour for myself, enjoying the newspaper cover to cover, full with all sorts, from heavy news about murderers and whistle blowers to gorgeous inspirational personal stories with some sport (Brendan Rodgers to Celtic..really?) and history thrown into the mix.

I’ve learnt a few new things, I’ve jumped into a few issues (tweet tweet!), I’ve been inspired, I’ve decided on a restaurant to try out and a festival I must make sure I get to but most of all I’ve thoroughly enjoyed some precious time on my Saturday morning after another really busy week.

It’s not quite yoga but it could be just as good for you …buy a paper and enjoy!


Greg Canty 

Greg Canty is a Partner of Fuzion who offer Marketing, PR and Graphic Design services from our offices in Dublin and Cork


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