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Responsibility and Timing

November 28, 2011
Grafton Street

We are all responsible

I was chatting to a buddy of mine last week who was all torn up because he had to face the prospect of letting a staff member go due to a series of blunders that had cost the business a lot of money.

Being responsible he knew it was something he had to do, to protect the business but he did feel really badly for the individual and the fact that Christmas was around the corner made it feel even worse.

Responsibility and timing..

Aviva decided that it will move a huge chunk of its workforce from Ireland to the UK to save money and increase profits. Is Ireland a market worth supporting if you expect to do business here?

Responsibility and timing..

FAS senior staff get 5 weeks extra leave to acclimatise to their impending retirement. Has this issue been taken on?

Responsibility and timing..

Should 100% of speculative bank debt be covered by the taxpayer?

Responsibility and timing..

Should the tax office be aggressively chasing interest and penalties for late payments when it is clear there is very little liquidity in the marketplace.

Responsibility and timing..

The Government need to squeeze the annual monetary deficit due to agreements struck with the EU and because our country needs to regain its financial independence – there has never been a better opportunity for sorting out excess, inefficiency, unfair & outdated arrangements and crazy work practices. These obvious but thorny issues must be tackled as a priority and then we’ll be happy to take our fair share of pain.

Responsibility and timing.

Timing is critical and never has it been so critical – if we want to progress from where we are we must all act with responsibility.

Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion