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Is your credit controller losing you business?

July 29, 2013

Dirty Harry

Collecting money from customers must be one of the toughest and most awful jobs that you have to do in business.

I remember when I was in the drinks industry years ago we had a full time credit controller and I really believe that the nature of her role made her age really quickly. She was the one who had to stop deliveries to slow paying accounts (often this meant a battle with the sales reps and the sales manager) and she had to deal with irate customers.

The poor woman was sick quite a lot and I really put this down to the stressful role she had.

In particular in a small business it can be even more difficult when often the person who does the selling is the same person that does the collecting.

We received an email last week from a supplier who was looking for payment. Payment ran a few days over the standard terms because I was on leave and hadn’t left enough signed cheques. This was no bother and we sorted a cheque out immediately, a few days later than usual.

What really bothered me was the nature of the email, the tone, the lack of manners and a total lack of respect for us – after all we are a customer and to be honest a good one who gives them plenty of business and we do adhere to the payment terms.

My gut reaction was to change suppliers, which I did not do. However, a phone call from a similar supplier pitching their wares at the right moment and I would be listening actively.

I Love Credit ControlThis email was a real pity because the supplier is generally great to deal with. My crew are forever praising them and I know would kill me if I dropped them to use someone else.

I sent the credit controller an email and politely took issue with her manner and explained how it does jeopardise the business that they are doing with us and probably other customers of theirs.

I was speaking to another business owner who explained to me that they have an automated “email writing” system to deal with their credit control. He says often people get irate about the emails they receive because the language used is very blunt and to the point.

I received an automated letter from my bank recently more or less telling me to get my accounts in order as a dormant current account had run €2.50 overdrawn as a result of bank charges ..lovely!

How you collect money is an essential  part of your business reputation and while you have to get paid for the work you do it is important that you do this with courtesy and manners, never undermining your good reputation and all of your hard work.

You don’t need to give any customer an excuse to consider moving to a competitor.

Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion

Fuzion are a Marketing, PR and Design firm in Ireland with offices in Cork and Dublin

Credit Control Warrior – Explained

July 24, 2012
Credit Control Warrior - Greg Canty

The Warrior !

This is just a quick note to explain what has happened to the “Credit Control Warrior” and the blog post that I had on this personal blog site regarding the very sensitive issue of getting paid by certain debtors.

The Credit Control Warrior is still alive and well but I have been asked to temporarily take the post down as it is the subject of a court case – it turns out that someone who owes us a lot of money seems to identify themselves with one of the characters in the post and was not happy about it.

If you haven’t read the post it was written in a very upset state after someone who owed us a lot of money laughed in my face when I looked for payment after finally tracking him down after a lot of dodging.

I didn’t think it was as funny as he did – upset, yeah …I was!

As always I will continue to write about the “stuff” that motivates, inspires, enthuses and bothers me and share any experiences that I may feel could be useful to anyone reading.

In the meantime thank you for reading!

Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion


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