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Exceptional Choices

January 13, 2013

Bridge in BallincolligAs usual we headed off for our early Sunday morning walk with the four legged one.

Just around the corner from our house we passed a hard working volunteer from the Ballincollig Tidy Town Committee who was busy, head down engrossed in the job of picking up bits of rubbish from the side of the road.

This always amazes me …this man and all the other dedicated volunteers get up on a Sunday morning and they pick up rubbish that other people have left behind.

Well done” I say to him, just to acknowledge that I think what he is doing is great.

I can’t get my head around the exceptionally great and selfless choice that these people make every Sunday.

CouchWe continue our walk and take a route that runs alongside the river.

Just as we are walking over a gorgeous old bridge I notice an old couch that someone has just thrown over the wall. On closer inspection I notice that an old TV is on the ground next to the couch!

Can you get your head around how anyone could make such an exceptionally selfish and awful choice to just dump something in such a gorgeous spot, how someone could dump their stuff anywhere. How could they?

Why is it that the exceptional choices by great people are needed just to deal with the exceptionally bad choices of others.

Imagine how special our world would be if all exceptional choices were great ones..

Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion