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Me, my dad and JCB’s

February 23, 2013


Me and my dad on a JCB

I heard mum and dad having a fight – she had planned on going shopping with her sisters but dad had to work today so there was no one there to mind me.

I’ve had this day planned for over two months and I never get to see my sisters” I heard mum say to Dad.

I’ll just have to take him with me so, I have no choice” Dad said to her.

Wow – I can go to work with my dad, how cool is that!

We had a great day – he took me to the building site and I brought my little digger with me.

He made all of his workmates say “Hi” to me and I was able to play with a pile of rocks next to the office. My jeans got all mucky and I think mum will be cross with me.

Mary, the kind lady in the office brought me out a can of coke and a bag of crisps.

At lunch time me and my dad shared his sandwiches.

Later in the day my dad had to drive a huge JCB to the next yard and I had to go with him – the JCB was like a big yellow monster that was bigger than all of the cars but it couldn’t go very fast.

All the cars were beeping at us to hurry up but we didn’t care because it was the best day ever! know that is all made up and my dad never drove a JCB but he did take me with him to Shannon airport and Dublin airport when he worked with car hire, he took me to a Liverpool match in Dublin, he played football and tennis with me and he showed me how to leap over a wall – I remember all of that.

Do something special with your kids today, even if it is just a ride on a JCB (see below for one of the best father and son songs ever..)

Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion

The JCB song by Nizlopi