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Crazy thinking about the “Brave” self-employed – Budget 2015

October 15, 2014

Irish Budget 2015

As usual we listened to the budget to see how it would effect the Irish economy, how it would effect us and what shocks were in store.

As predicted there were elements of ‘giving back‘ many of which were an attempt to ease the burden of water charges, which has all the protesters up in arms and there were a few other little adjustments here and there.

With all of the recent talk about our high rates of tax I was astonished to see a new USC rate of 8% being introduced but the one thing that has totally floored me and had steam coming out my ears is the new 11% USC rate for the Self Employed.

This group of mad entrepreneurs (the crew that AIB are currently labelling as ‘Brave’ in their extensive advertising campaigns) for some reason are worthy of special attention …we have the privilege of the highest tax rate of them all!!

What is the logic behind this, where is this thinking coming from? – we earn money, we pay tax and the more you earn the more tax you pay but for some reason if you are in this unfortunate category you pay even more than others – WHY???

Have we started businesses, do we employ people, do we take risks, do we work hard, do we have little protection if anything goes wrong, do we enjoy benefits that other people have when we retire?

The truth is the risks are more, the protection and benefits are less and this ‘much heralded, heart of the economy group of people‘ must pay more tax than everyone else because …..?

Someone thought this was a good idea, that this group should pay more tax and others nodded their heads and agreed …good idea, let them pay more – is that what you really think we deserve?

I even wonder is this unconstitutional?: Equality before the law “All citizens in Ireland shall be held equal before the law. This means that the State cannot unjustly, unreasonably or arbitrarily discriminate between citizens

Today I am angry, not because I will end up paying more tax (I am so far away from that income threshold its not funny) but because I work my ass off and instead of being rewarded I feel that I and every other self employed person out there has been discriminated against.

Crazy thinking..

Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion

Greg Canty is a Partner of Fuzion who offer Marketing, PR and Graphic Design services from our offices in Dublin and Cork