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Oh Life!!

September 30, 2012

I have a heavy cold and I’m feeling a little bit miserable, I’m sipping on a Lemsip before I pop down the road with Dee to mum and dad’s for dinner. We walked the dog earlier in between a few showers!

For the most part I’m in good form , Liverpool FC seem to be back to winning ways, we’re busy in work, there are a few interesting projects I’m working on, we have a few proposals we’re waiting to hear back on but there is also a court case coming up in a few weeks that I have to deal with.

Eventually the court case is being heard in October.

I can’t believe how much time has passed – that was over three years ago, just when the recession was really biting. I remember the sleepless nights. I remember doing everything we could trying to collect the money that was due to us and being totally ignored. Eventually I managed to track our client down and he laughed in my face!

He thought it was funny ..

I didn’t think it was very funny – it was a tough time for us, we desperately needed that money to keep the show on the road.. as I said I didn’t quite see the funny side of it.

Ah well..that case is up this month and like everything else, it will pass. It would probably have been easier and less hassle to walk away but sometimes you just have to stand up to people like this.

Today is Sunday 30th September..

Doesn’t that just about sum up where things are for all of us? We have good things going on but there is always some worry, some hurdle, some niggle that needs to be dealt with. Sometimes these are huge things and often they are just small things. Sometimes they are personal and sometimes they are in relation to our work life.

Oh Life!!

A few years ago a good buddy of mine, Peter Coppinger from Digital Crew mentioned this clever little online service called Oh Life that he was using.

He explained enthusiastically that you sign up for Oh Life (it’s a free service) and every day it sends you an email with a simple question:

How was your day?

I had never managed to keep a diary so I was quite sceptical as to whether I would do this and I wasn’t really sure how it would be of benefit.

Peter is a pretty switched on guy so I followed his advice and signed up.

With the service you simply reply to the daily email from Oh Life with your thoughts for the day and it stores your answer. Once you have been using Oh Life for a short while, the service includes one of your old diary entries in the emails it sends you.

Sometimes on your daily email it will copy you on your entry a week ago and sometimes it will copy you on an entry a month ago and so on.

This simple service provides me with a fascinating insight into my “life” and my big learning from using it is that the “worries” never seem to turn out as bad as I feared and I’m always astonished at how quickly things move on. Something that is a big deal to you can easily become irrelevant in just one week.

I wonder what my diary will be like a month from now!

Go on, why not try it by clicking here .. Oh Life

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